The Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Foundation (SAAM) is a non-profit organization, best known in Swedish fandom for the grant we award yearly to commemorate the legendary science fiction fan Alvar Appeltofft, who died in 1976. The Alvar award, as it is commonly known, is generally viewed as the most important award in Swedish fandom. It consists of a piece of art and a sum of money (currently SEK 5,000; at the time of writing about 500 euros).

We award the grant on the grounds of ”extensive and important idealistic work of lasting worth to Swedish science fiction fandom,” and the recipient is elected annually in a general advisory vote in Swedish SF fandom. The grant for 2022 will be awarded at Eurocon 2023 in Uppsala.

We are happy to award grants to fannish projects which we believe will have a lasting, positive impact on Swedish fandom. We have also hosted a large fanzine collection. However, this collection has found a new home in the Royal Library in Stockholm.

For a list of winners over the years, see the Minnespris page.

Presiding committee 2022:

Tomas Cronholmchair
Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, vicechair
Michael Pargman, treasurer
Eva Norman, secretary

On December 31, 2021, we were good for 1,699,950 Swedish kronor; approximately 163,000 euros.